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About Niru Yoga Home Stay and Retreat Center

 “Yoga for everyone”.  Yoga is practiced in every corner of the world, including Nepal, where it is practiced in almost every village and city. Rich in flora and fauna, Nepal is a beautiful destination for yoga tourists. Come and feel the beauty and silence that inspired the rishis and nurtured the hearts of  yogis. Experience traditional rural Nepalese culture, more…

  • Check-in: 02:00 P.M.; Check-out: 12:00 A.M.
  • Free High Speed Wi-Fi Internet in Every Room
  • In Room Dining Available from 06:00 P.M. to 10:30 P.M.
  • Free Local Self Parking Available

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Yoga Retreat Programs

4 Days Yoga Retreat with Hiking & Trekking
Every Month, Booking Open

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6 Days Yoga Retreat with Hiking & Trekking
Every Month, Booking Open

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14 Days survival trekking and Yoga Retreat in Nepal
April, Oct, 2018

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Home stay facilities

The yoga homestay and Retreat Center also hosts

Yoga Retreat Facilities

  • 1. Airport Pick up and drop off (Payable)
  • 2. 4 days Yoga Retreats, 6 days Yoga Retreats 
  • 3. 14 days Survival Trekking with Yoga Retreat 4 times a year
  • 4. Unlimited special herbal tea
  • 5. Clean and comfortable room
  • 6. Hot and cold water
  • 7. Unlimited drinking water
  • 8. 2 daily yoga class
  • 9.Three times 75% organic yogic food
  • 10. Everyday hiking, trekking
  • 11. Sauna bath (arrange)
  • 12. Massage (arrange)
  • 13. Steam bath (arrange)
  • 14 Travel Guide
  • 15. Beautiful Garden
  • 16. River walk, forest walk
  • 17. Small Library
  • 18. Separate Yoga Hall
  • 19. Nasal Cleaning
  • 20. Nepalese Cooking Class (Free)

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From 06:00am to 10pm

Check in/Check out

From 02:00 pm, 11:00am

ur advice to find your way to
Home Stay

Please note that after Booking a room in Niru yoga Home Stay with Yoga Retreat Center and then arriving in Kharipati (Bhaktapur District) by bus or taxi people might direct you to a wrong place.So arriving here you better give us a call and we will assist you to reach home stay. (Tel. +977-9851106408), every driver will  have a mobile and you can ask for help and they will be happy to do. More

Client Testimonials

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  • Amazing stay with the lovely family! Its a warm family run business 🙂 Rajan and his family shows us around during our stay and the hikes are def our favs! Highly recommend to everyone who is looking for a soul comforting experience in the area! Will def come back! X

    Lovely People with lovely place
  • The last part of my Nepal trip I stayed at the Bastola family's house in Kharapati down Phedi. From Bhaktapur I took a local bus, about 20 mins, the bus stops very closeby. The accommodation is in clean, spacious rooms, with brand new bathrooms. Most of the food they serve comes from their land, though what they offer quiet one sided (think Dal Bhaat), but comes from a good heart. At the time I was staying, no yoga teacher was there, so no yoga. Rajan does know yoga very well and he has heeps of contacts as he was a manager at a Rishikesh yoga ashram in India, but he does no teach. For me the big plus was to a peek into local family life and talk about Nepali customs and culture with Rajan. Add to this the green hills (he took me to a nice waterfall in the direct surroudings.) and agricultural lifestyle the village is living. It made a good closure of my Nepal trip. Better than staying in noisy, dusty Thamel. The airport is quiet closeby.

    Peek into Nepali local family life
  • Staying with Niru's family made my stay in Nepal much more memorable. Niru makes such hearty vegetarian meals and you'll never go hungry while you're there. Rajan showed me around, helped me book a local flight and taught me how to take the local bus. The kids are a sweet bunch as well. I enjoyed listening to their stories and watching them dance - one of their favorite pastimes. Will definitely visit again when I go back!

    A truly local experience
  • Highly recommended!! The house is in the proximity from Kathmandu, just 1 hour from there, yet clean air and fresh water in middle of peaceful farmlands, next to mountains. It seems if in the right season, you can even see a bit of Himalayas with some mountain walk from their home! I would say come stay here instead if you have time to spend in Kathmandu to be exhausted in caos.... Kathmandu city's air is not quite for human's lung.. I got badly sick after a week.. Also Nagarkot was too touristy and exploited, to me personally. So it was fine I visited there only daytime.... I stayed for 2 days with the family - who is so warm and hospitable, you will experience what a simple and happy family life with no complication is like. The daughter Nikita is a sabby young lady who was a great companion to me. The host's wife is such a lovely lady. The family knows what yoga culture is by their past working experience in Rishkesh's ashram and takes care of customers' holistic health in rural Nepalise' way. The best is 3 yummiest meals made by organic food they grow at their farm + fresh water from mountain !! If you realize how prevalent chemical-ladden food is in Asia and how it silently affects your gut,,, the most precious is home-grown organic food, really. I felt so healed by their prana-filled veges pulses after eating restraunt food in India etc for long long time. No wonder the family looks uber-healthy. The host Rajan is a nature lover and a patient hiking guide. He took me to a peaceful walk to a local waterfall and pineforest meditation. It was so so healing as well. After my lung being knocked down by Kathmandu city, being able to breathe air deep from the bottom of my lung, and total silence in forests, was a real treasure.. The accommodation is modern clean (even a bit too modern for me :)) and comfy. If not joining in a retreat they organize, do your own yoga and meditation. There are good spots in nature around there.

    Homegrown organic food, waterfall and mountain hike!
  • Stayed 4 days with the lovely family and it was great... Best organic food ( possibility to take cooking classes), very nice room and facilities, nice place to explore nature, nagarkot etc. and to get in touch with family and cultural life... Will definitively come back next time!

    Feels like home
  • The Bastola family, who runs the beautifully situated homestay, is such a lovely family. They are fun, full of joy and I can only recommend everyone, who wants to experience the true beauty of Nepal and the traditional ways of living in a Nepali village to stay with this wonderful family. Just be prepared, it might be difficult to leave again, as they very easily capture a part of your heart. Also, all facilities are really amazing. The rooms are beautiful, they have very comfortable beds and privately attached bathrooms.

    A small jewel in Kathmandu Valley
  • This homestay exceeded my expectations in every way. I found the environment serene, peaceful, and blissful. The village's beauty is captivating, healing, and encompasses the essence of Nepali culture and traditions. The air was crisp and the sounds of nature are comforting and grounding. The accommodation was comfortable, new, and very clean. The food provided was some of the tastiest food I have ever experienced in my two years of traveling abroad. The food is made with love is pure and truly nourishing. The family is warm generous and there to help you with any need you may have, and able to provide almost anything you may desire. The intention of my visit was to find a peaceful place to rest and practice meditation and yoga. The environment allowed for this. The bonus of being in a caring environment with a lovely family was a added surprise. This place is great for relaxation and also the vastness of the surrounding mountains is perfect for walks in nature and many adventures if you desire so .And still in close proximity to a nearby city. I found the place to be a magical destination that allowed me to feel comfortable and instantly at home. I feel the up most gratitude for this home stay and the warmth they share with each guest. I found the homestay to be the most accurate in the description provided. A wonderful place to visit and come find whatever you may be looking for.

    Place to be a magical destination
  • Visited Nepal for first time In April 2016, a girl who I met in Thailand knew about Rajan and his family and offered me to contact him to ask if I can stay in his place for the first night. I could- how amazing to start my Nepal trip with a Nepalese family. Rajan promised me to pick me up from the airport and he did. Finally, I stayed one week with him and his amazing family. Always smiling people, amazing food, lovely children, Fresh milk from their cow, a lot of hugs and love. Rajans wife is like sunshine and she cocked so nice food for us, tea or coffee. I cannot remember her face without a big, big smile. The children’s sang and danced for me and I spent a lot of time with them. Grandpa and grandma- I really love them. Our days were full of joy, talking and love and I had the possibility to learn a lot about Nepalese culture. I could ask any question and I also learn some Nepalese language, learned how to milk the cow. Rajan spent a lot of time showing me places like waterfall, nice forest and also Bhaktapur. He supported really poor children in a brick factory happy for one day. We went there and asked what they need and bought copies, pen and toys for them. The whole time I felt like past of the family. Also the brother’s family- Which lives close invited me and showed me nice thing about cooking. I will never forget the time I had and it was really hard to leave. For me it was best start I could have in foreign country with such a different culture. I really love the whole family and they have a big place in my heart forever. It feels like they are my family in Nepal and I really look forward to see and hug Nepal and Rajan and his family who supported me with everything. I needed or wanted to see or to know. I remember this time with a big smile on my face and with much love in my heart. Thank you so much.

    -Melanie Puravida
  • "The Bastola family, who runs the beautifully situated homestay, is such a lovely family. They are fun, full of joy and I can only recommend everyone, who wants to experience the true beauty of Nepal and the traditional ways of living in a Nepali village to stay with this wonderful family. Just be prepared, it might be difficult to leave again, as they very easily capture a part of your heart."

    Samina Lanewala, Denmark

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